The key to happiness, is a place to hang keys. 

A while back I received a signmaker for Christmas. 

I have been practicing making signs on various pieces of wood. 

Some turn out well, others not so well. 

Mrs Old Fart gave me a piece of driftwood and said ,make something. 

We were invited to a birthday for a friend and needed a gift 

I hauled out the driftwood and the sign maker and came up with this key holder. 

The hangers are old keys, and the hooks are made from screen door grille pieces. 

The recipient was very happy with his gift. 


The key to happiness, is a place to hang keys. 

Refacing step 2

Step two in refacing cabinet doors is to add the profile strips. 

They are 1/8 thick strips of hardboard cut into strips 2 inches wide. 

They are glued on with carpenters glue.

I taped them down and put the doors face to face with weights on them until the glues dries.   
Just make sure the table is strong enough to support this weight. 

Stay tuned for Step 3. 

Refacing step 2

Refacing Step 1

 Step one in my refacing job is to remove the doors and strip off the hardware. 

Since the original pulls were in the center of the door(dumb) I cut small piece of dowel and plugged the holes. 

Then a good sanding to remove the gloss and 40 years of gunk. 

These doors are a mahogany veneer with a deep grain, so I filled the grain for a smother surface. 

Once the filler dries, the next step is to add the profile pieces. 

Stay tuned. 

Refacing Step 1

Future Feature update.

The feature wall is making progress. 

I liked ship lap so the plan was to replicate that look. 

I used cedar fence boards for the wall and pine for the trim. 

The cedar will be stained to look like bar board and the trim will be walnut to match the rest of the trim in the house. 

I am still thinking about what to do with the space above the fridge. 

It needs to be adjustable for any future fridge that may be taller. 

The pantry cabinet door style is still undecided at this moment too.   
Stay tuned for further updates. 

Future Feature update.

Refacing Cabinets. 

Oh my, what can you do if you have the ugliest cabinet doors on planet Earth?

I want to spruce them up on the cheap. 

I really like Shaker style, but don’t want to get a second mortgage to do it.   

So the plan is to get some thin MDF and cut it in strips. They will be about 2 inches wide. 

The first thing to do is take off the door and flip it inside out. That way I don’t have to fill the decorative groove. 

Then the strips will be glued on in shaker style. 

New hinges and hardware will complete the install. 

After they all are fitted, I will remove them and Mrs Old Fart will paint them with a Benjamin Moore Malamine paint. 

Stay tuned for progress reports. 

Refacing Cabinets.