Sometimes you have to MacGyver it!

When you are in a situation where the proper tools are not available, sometimes you have to MacGyver it.

I have done a lot of MacGyvering in my lifetime.

In the shop, make sure you have duct tape on hand.  It can solve a lot of problems. Just make sure it is a temporary solution. When time permits, make sure the proper solution is applied and the duct tape removed.

One of my recent MacGyvers involved soft ground. At a Vintage vehicle show parking was on grass. It had rained recently and the ground was soft.

This created a problem and caused my vehicle to sink.

I looked around the area and a solution presented itself.

It worked quite well and had no environmental impact.

Sometimes you have to MacGyver it!

What happened to quality?

What has happened to quality work?

There was a time when you could get a professional craftsman to do,tiling for example, and the end result would be awesome.

Today all they are concerned with is profit!  Let’s get in get the job done as quick as possible, and bill the customer as much as possible.

They just hope the customer doesn’t inspect the job to close when it is finished.

In the example below, at a very exclusive restaurant, the final inspection missed this improperly cut tile.

The so called craftsman who did this job should be embarrassed. I sure would like to know his name, so I can point out this inferior work.

In the second photo, the strip of tiles have a left and a right end. When properly installed there should be an unbroken pattern and nearly invisible joints.

In this case the bumbling tiler installed these two strips with like ends together.

All the other strips are correct, then your eye is drawn to this mistake.

Again this is in a new restaurant that just opened.

I am just an old fart, but mistakes like this should not happen when you hit a so called professional.


What happened to quality?