Workshops past.

Have you ever had a workshop in the past that can never be replicated?

This is mine. I built this building from the ground up, with a little help from my friends and family. Once it was built, I started shopping for items to finish it up inside.

The walls were covered with slotwall that was acquired from a store renovation for free. Along with the slotwall, I also got all the shelves and hooks too.100_0714

The fireplace was one of those once in a lifetime deals. I was told it was for sale, and went to the persons house and made the deal with his wife. Turns out she misunderstood his instructions and sold it to me for a lot less than he wanted.

We enjoyed it’s warmth for many years.100_0715The bench was a joy to work at in daylight hours, what with the large window behind it.100_0716These parts bins were castoffs from a relatives workplace when this size was dropped for a larger size.100_0717Of course no workshop is complete without a bar. After the tools were put away, it was always nice to enjoy my handiwork with friends and a cold beverage.

Sadly, we sold this property a few years ago, and no workshop since has given me the pleasure that this one did.

Workshops past.

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