Marriage under Construction. 

img_2387 I watch a lot of home reno shows and very much enjoy them. Sometimes I am amazed at what you can learn from these shows.

Sometimes I am amazed at what they do wrong too. Marriage under Construction is very entertaining, but not very educational.

In this episode they are installing a bathtub and tiling a shower wall.  Take this photo above as an example. This is not the proper type of tub to install against a wall. It has no tile lip on it, so if the caulking fails at the tile line,the water will run down the wall and cause mould and rot.

This tub is designed to be set on top of a platform, not against the wall.
 In this photo Vincenzo has just told Derek that he is using floor mastic to adhere the tiles to the wall. Mastic is not the proper product to use in a shower area. On top of that, the wall is standard drywall. The proper material to use is a waterproof cement board, or one of the newer foam base panels with cement coating on it.

If you are spending a lot of hard earned money on a project,at least use products that will last.

I just wonder how long this tile work will last before the wall turns to mush.

Marriage under Construction. 

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